Landscape Oriented Stonework

There are a total of four levels:
1. Initial covers the basics of the craft-the repair of a gap in a wall
2. Intermediate includes the building of a wall with a cheekend or a wall head
3. Advanced involves both a retaining and a curved walls
4. Master Craftsman covers the building of various structures to a high degree of finish.
​(excerpt from Dry Stone Walling Techniques & Traditions 2008 p.90)

I have been working with stone for over two decades. What started as a personal fascination and a summer job grew into an occupation and lifestyle. Now I grown my skills with continued study and practice.

In 2014, I received my first certification from Dry Stone Walling Association through the North American branch at The Stone Trust in Brattlesboro, VT.

In 2016, I returned to test for Level II.  It was a difficult timed test, but I passed it on my first try.  The pass rate is about 60%, so I was thrilled and thankful that the hard work from the last years had paid off.

That same year, I also became a certified instructor. I quickly learned that it is one thing to know how to build a wall, but another thing to teach it.  The course work associated with degree gave an array of techniques to transmit the methods.  I have successful taught two classes at The Stone Trust last year. 

​This coming year I have already signed up to teach another workshop, come check it out! The retaining wall workshop is on 4/8/17.

Benjamin John Maron
Level II Dry Stone Walling and Instructor Certifications, DSWA

Level I test wall